"As a Life Coach/Counselor for countless women across the nation, I hear a reoccurring emotional issue that blocks their peace, joy, health and authentic living. The issue is enabling others, being manipulated and being taken advantage of in their relationships, jobs, church, organization, family members, etc. We do not lose ourselves all at once. It happens gradually as we give our power and peace away in exchange for love, acceptance, position or connection. 
     I pull women back to the light of their own sanity, soul, spiritual power and self-worth. In my coaching/counseling sessions (in person, by phone or Skype) together we gather clues and broken pieces of their lives to gain a new perspective, direction, self-awareness and self-motivation. When too many people are plugged into your energy sucking out your finances, peace of mind, self-esteem...it's time to unplug.

Too often we feel a sense of shame, guilt or over responsibility (“I would be a bad person ( e.g. a bad Christian, bad wife, bad mother, bad sister, bad daughter) if I don’t ‘help or give.”...or "They will be in danger if I don't help." ..."I've invested so much already in this relationship and I don't know how to stop the manipulation." ..."They need me because I have always been the; e.g. giver, the fixer, the savior, the rescuer, the breadwinner, the strong one in this family." I've been there and I've done that. Thank God I'm not what I used to be.

Is your life puzzling, problematic, painful, peaceful, productive or progressing? Life can seem like a mystery, magical, puzzling, exhausting, exciting, a battle or a blessing.  The challenge for us all is to learn to trust the unknown and
 yet live in the present proactively planning our future. 

      You may be perplexed by your past choices or present circumstances. You can be baffled about your next step. You may not understand that your problems are an invitation to grow in discernment, courage, wisdom, purpose, faith, fortitude or emotional intelligence. Sure, at times we feel confused and anxious.  We wonder whether we're making the "right decision." Thoughts haunt us like..."What am I going to do with my life? "What have I done with my life ?@!#!"  or "I'm ready to make something out of my life!"             We begin to lack trust in ourselves and in the faithfulness of God.

     As you grow in your coping skills, faith, self-esteem, relationships, anger issue and purpose you will be able to see how the pieces of your life are coming together. Nothing you have done has been a waste of time. Patience, prayer, perseverance and taking proactive steps will help you to see progress.

     If you are enthusiastic about your goal, you will need direction.

     If you are discouraged, you will benefit from coaching.
If you are cautious in moving forward, you will need support.

     If you have a goal, you will either GIVE UP or GROW up in your commitment, endurance, perseverance, faith and capacity for success.

      For over 25 years I have helped others to put together the pieces of their life. I'm here to serve you and/or your organization.  Reply to e-mail
Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net or call me 323.964.1736 with your questions or to confirm your success coaching or counseling time with the Self-esteem Dr."

~ Jewel Diamond Taylor, Conference Keynote Speaker, Success Coach, Author, Women's Retreat Facilitator and Workshop Trainer


Jewel Diamond Taylor, Motivator, Speaker, Life Coach, Author, Supreme Woman of God, what else can I say?  Truly my first session with Jewel was an appointment ordained by God.  Jewel is truly gifted in her profession and anointed by God.  I would have never imagined that I would have an opportunity to work with Jewel from a one-on-one coaching perspective.  All I can say is God opened the door.  My first session was very informative and caused me to do some heartfelt soul searching.  I thank God for Jewel's book, "You Deserve More"  because it gave me a voice around what I could not say of did not know how to say.  I could relate to everything in the book.  Please to all, I would strongly recommend that purchase.  Make an investment in yourself.  

During my session with Jewel, she asked probing questions with genuineness and sincerity to understand my expectations and needs.  She was very transparent in sharing her experiences which assisted me in expressing and communicating what I was looking to change and improve.  Jewel was empathetic and focused on ensuring I pursue my best self in all areas, personally, emotionally, professionally, spiritually, and financially.  

The most amazing part of this experience was the very next morning after the session, I googled a particular topic on joy and so many of the things that Jewel discussed during my session were confirmed by this article that I searched.  I don't call this luck, I call that an anointed and divine session that God had orchestrated from the time I was being formed in my mother's womb. 

Jewel, thank you for a wonderful first session.  I look forward to many more. 

To those of you that are going through any challenge or obstacle, love yourself, invest in yourself because YOU are worth it.  Be Blessed and as Jewel says, "Stay In The Light". ~ Renee (Delaware)

"I could not afford some other women coaches that I researched, but I'm glad I found Dr. Jewel because she is affordable but also very knowledgeable, helpful and spiritually grounded.  She really understands women's issues.  She is a wife, mother, sister, entrepreneur, minister and experienced depression and grief after losing her Mother and son to cancer.  I felt very comfortable opening up my heart to her about my issues.  She taught me that transparency leads to a triumph victory of healing.  Thank you Dr. Jewel!" ~ Deborah E. in Dallas, TX

"All I can say is "WOW"!  I thought it would be embarrassing or useless to have counseling.  I was so wrong.  My phone sessions with Dr. Jewel have been life-changing.  So glad I found her web site and picked up the phone." ~ Nikki, Oakland, CA

"Now that I am away from family, friends and my community stationed in Japan, I needed emotional support to cope with change. Thank you so much Jewel for offering your coaching services by SKYPE which helped to settle my spirit and regain my focus. God Bless you!" ~ Sandra B. - JAPAN

Frustrated that you don't seem to be making progress with a particular goal or dream?

Being pulled in many directions and feeling as if you are not performing to your best in any area of your life ?

Feeling used and manipulated by family, friends, work or church?

Are your emotions taking over and causing you problems?

 Wanting to feel re-invigorated and excited about your future after a difficult time?

Feeling stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out of it?

Looking for a new direction but you don't know where to start? 


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